Acupuncture points, software, herbs.


Safe Electronic Health Record System Designed for Acupuncture

Reflexo allows traditional Chinese medicine practionairs to take advantage of computing and analysing power to enhance their knowledge and data analysis capabilities in their everyday practise. Reflexo offers a unique approach to working with patient data in respect to Chinese medicine approaches. Clinic version available as custom solution.

Reflexo Modules

Herbal & Acupuncture Recipe Constructor

Reflexo allows to view and explore information about points and mono herbs. The hand book is also accompanied with an interactive 3D model. Points and/or herbs can be combined into custom recipes and assigned to particular patients. It is also possible to run analysis scripts and view patient data in respect to assigned custom recipes. The program is also supplied with some traditional herbs and point combinations for reference.

  • Combine and save herbal and acupuncture point combinations
  • Assign to patients
  • Filter patient data in respect to assigned recipes
  • Make personalized notes on each ingredient or point added
  • Transfer point combinations from recipes to 3D body model

3D Point Atlas

Reflexo is supplied with an inbox 3D human body model which allows users to easily plot point and channel information with respect to human skin and bone structure. Point data can be assigned with required characteristics regarding manipulation type and transferred from patient treatment card directly to the model and vice versa. Points can be easily combined into custom recipes and stored for later analysis.

  • Plot acupuncture meridians and points
  • Dexter and sinister options
  • View all points in selected areas
  • Transfer points directly to/from 3D model to patient
  • Assign needling manipulation types

Checkup Constructor & Charting

Reflexo offers a completely customizable approach for constructing checkup sheets and patient questionnaire. It aims to systematize the everyday patient doctor relationship and provides the most convenient way to gather and store the information for later analysis. Every single checkup card is fully flexible in terms of viewing and editing facilities. Please refer to our educational videos for more details.

  • Construct custom EHR cards
  • Create text fill in templates
  • Easily navigate through patient data to speed up your practice
  • Re-order and view according sections
  • Export patient data at any point in pdf or word for edits

Patient Profile

Reflexo allows doctors to easily store and access patient information. Each patient has its own safe local storage that only the doctor can access. It is possible to import pdf, png and jpeg patient scans for anytime analysis. Finally, it is very easy to export any information or complete profiles for print outs, e-mails, prescriptions lists, recommendation templates and other scenarios.

  • Keep your patient data organised
  • Store data locally on your hard drive or even flash card
  • Import check up scans
  • Export consolidated data
  • Make personalized notes on imports

Treatments Analysis and Management

After you have many patients inside your database it is quite often you might experience a need in some sort of filtering and analysis. With the help Reflexo it is possible to filter patients using date spans, assigned recipes and keywords existing in particular sections. This makes Reflexo a powerful tool for patient data research and recepy affect analysis in terms of particular treatment scenarios.

  • Analyze patient data in deep context
  • Filter patient by date and/or gender
  • Search for keyword matches
  • Filter by custom categories from charting profiles
  • Filter by assigned custom recipes

Electronic Health Card

Reflexo is built with all respect to treatment and practice processes existing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have put together point constructors, herbal constructors, 3D models, body charts with drawing facilities, recommendation templates, blends of chinese herb and European medicine prescriptions. All of these functions are designed to make doctor and patient life more efficient in terms of data storage and review.

  • Assign point manipulations to patients
  • Assign herbal or regular recipes
  • Save recommendation templates
  • Export prescriptions in pdf or word for further edits
  • Take and store tongue or body pictures

Treatment Chronology

One of the most important factors is being able to visualize the treatment process in regards to time. Especially for this we have created the chronology module which allows doctors to customize what they want to see on their chronological representation. It is also possible to navigate to any section of the chronology for a more deeper analysis and editing. The patient treatment chronology diagram can be easily exported for presentation and research purposes at any point.

  • View patient data in chronological manner
  • Analyze your practise and the impact it makes on a timeline
  • Customize the timeline in respect to any field in patient record
  • Export timeline
  • Combine different sections of patient record on a timeline

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base consists of modules that are aimed to uncover information about points, herbs and various traditional combinations and recipes that can be used in practice as treatments of various conditions. The software version of the knowledge base is completely offline which allows users to safely disconnect from the internet and also enjoy a more responsive workflow in terms of interaction with the program.

  • Explore point and meridian data with high quality pictures
  • Look through herbs information
  • Find out classic chinese medicine formula information
  • Browse through ready forms
  • Work with 3D body body model