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Hand's Major Yin Lung Meridian


Channel Path

The channel starts in the epigastric region (middle burner), descends to the large intestine, then rises up to the stomach, passing along the inlet, passes through the diaphragm, lungs, larynx and ends in the shoulder joint.
The external course of the channel originates from the chest in the infraclavicular region at the level of the first intercostal space at Zhong fu HT.1 point, goes up to the clavicle, is on the anterior surface of the shoulder joint and shoulder, the forearm, and followed through Tai Yuan HT. 9 from the radiocarpal joint at the level of the styloid process of the radius, passes over the outer edge of the short abductor muscle of the I finger, where it ends at Shao Shang HT. 11 of the nail of the thumb. The outer channel has a branch from Lie Que HT.7 at the level of the upper edge of the awl process, which goes along the back surface of the wrist, further along the radial surface of the II finger to Shang Yang LI.11 Large intestine channel of Hand Yang Ming.

Channel Points, Skin, Branch, COllateral and Muscles

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