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Hand's Minor Yin Heart Meridian


Channel Path

Heart channel of Hand Shao Yin starts in the heart, emerging through coronary vessels, passes through the diaphragm to net the small intestine.
The inner branch separates from the heart, traveling upward along the lateral surfaces of the trachea, larynx and reaches the neurovascular bundle of the eyeball associated with brain function.
The main branch separates from the heart, travels directly up into the lung, and then veers downwards to emerge below the axilla (Ji Quan HT.1). It travels down the medial aspect of the upper arm, medial to the hand greater Yin (Taiyin) lung and hand reverting Yin (Jueyin) pericardium meridians, reaches postulnar bone (Shen Men HT. 7) and passes over the antecubital fossa. It continues down the anteromedial margin of the forearm to the capital bone on the wrist, travelling along the radial side of the fifth metacarpal bone to terminate at the tip of the little finger (Shao Chong HT.9). The channel connects to the Small Intestine Channel of Hand Tai Yang, which begins on the elbow side at the tip of the little finger (Shaoze IG.1).
Heart channel of Hand Shao Yin is related to heart, small intestine, lungs and kidneys.

Channel Points, Skin, Branch, COllateral and Muscles

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