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Hand's Absolute Yin Heart Protector Meridian


Channel Path

The channel begins in the middle of the chest, under the sternum at nipple level, from the pericardium. Then it descends through the diaphragm to the upper, middle, and lower burners (Shang Jiao, Zhong Jiao, Xia Jiao).
The branch of the channel starts from its beginning and crosses the chest ascending on the surface at 4 intercostals space 1 tsun lateral to the nipple (Heaven's Pool (Tian Chi) PC.1). Then the channel rises to the armpit and flows down the arm, between the lung channel of Hand Tai Yin and the heart channel of Hand Shao Yin to the wrist (Marsh at the Crook (Quze) PC.3), from where it downs the middle of the front of the forearm between the tendons of the long palmar muscle and the wrist, in the middle of the palmar radiocarpal ligament and continues to the outer corner of the middle fingernail (Middle Rushing (Zhongchong) PC.9).
The palmar branch starts in the middle of the palm (Palace of Toil (Laogong) PC.8), crosses the ulnar side of the fourth finger (Guanchong TR. 1) and joins the lower burner channel of the Hand Shao Yang.
The Pericardium Channel of Hand Jue Yin connects with the pericardium, heart, lungs and lower burner.

Channel Points, Skin, Branch, COllateral and Muscles

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