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Governing Vessel (Du Mai)


Channel Path

The Governing Vessel (Du Mai) has three branches apart from the main trunk.
The main trunk begins from the pelvic organs, descends into the perineum to the point of Hui Yin CV.1 of the channel Ren Mai, follow to the point Chang Qiang DU.1, up the spine, reaches the point of Shen Zhu DU.12, after which Meridian forks, padhoge to points Feng Meng V. 12 of Bladder Channel of Foot Tai Yang. Then its branches are converged at the point Tao Dao DU.13, Meridian rises up to a point Da Jui DU.14, in which all the Yang meridians converge, then reaches the point of Feng Fu DU.16 on the back of the head and enters the brain, communicates with the brain, then re-comes to the surface, rises to the top, along the middle line of the forehead reaches the tip of the nose, bends around the upper lip, ends at the point of Yin Jiao DU.28.
The first branch of the channel; begins from the pelvic organs, reaches the perineum, at the end of the coccyx is connected to the main trunk of the Kidney Channel of Foot Shao Yin and with the Bladder Channel of Foot Tai Yang, together they pass in the spine, go out in the kidneys.
The second branch of the channel begins together with Bladder Channel of Foot Tai Yang at the medial angle of eye rises up at the frontal part of the head, connects at the top of the head (Bai Hui DU.20), enters the skull and communicates with the brain, comes to the surface at the nape and goes down on both sides of the spine inwards from the shoulder blades, reaching the kidneys.
The third branch of the channel from the pelvic organs rises, passes the navel, the heart, reaches the throat and connects with the vessels of Ren Mai and Chong Mai, rises to the lower jaw, bends around the lips, passes at the wings of the nose, swaying at the infraorbital rim.
The main function of the vessel: it unites all the Yang channels of the body, as well as the vessels of Yang Wei-Mai and Dai Mai, being the "Supreme official of all Yang" controlling and activating Qi Yang channels.

Channel Points, Skin, Branch, COllateral and Muscles

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