Conception Vessel (Ren Mai)


Channel Path

The Du Mai (Governing Vessel) has two pathways. The first channel starts from the crotch at the point of Huiyin CV.1, rises and comes out at Qugu point CV.2, further rises to the throat along the anterior-median line of the abdomen and chest, intersecting with the Liver Channel of Foot Shao Yin and Chong Mai in Yinjiao CV.7, with Small Intestine Channel of Hand Tai Yang, Sanjiao Channel of Hand Shao Yang and Stomach Channel of Foot Yang Ming of Zhongwan CV.12, with Yin Wei Mai vessel in Tiantu  CV.22, then rises to the lower jaw, wraps around the mouth, connects with Du Mai at the point of Yinjiao GV.28, passes through the cheeks to the subglacial area (Chengqi E. 1).
Internal channel begins in the uterus, passes Huiyin CV.1, rises in the spine.
The main function of the vessel: unites all the Yin meridians of the body and vessels Yin Wei Mai and Chong Mai, being the "Governing vessel of the whole Yin".

Channel Points, Skin, Branch, COllateral and Muscles

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